Intellectual Translations for IT

The growing demand for information technology and other technical products and services in the global market creates an opportunity for technology companies to expand and solidify their global presence and competitive advantage with multilingual solutions and offerings.

We provide technical translation and localization services that help IT and software companies gain a foothold in new target markets. Not only do we translate, we go one step further, by taking into consideration cultural differences, rules, and nuances, and adapting your content accordingly.

In addition to their expertise in technology translation, our in-house translators and reviewers have the required language skills and knowledge of the target cultural environment. In addition, we work with subject matter experts and our clients’ in-country reviewers to ensure that your translations are accurate and relevant for your target audience.

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LWT Communications provides comprehensive translation and localization services as well as linguistic quality assurance of user interface translation software and apps, user and administration guides, online help, training materials, eLearning courses, and more.