Plunet BusinessManager

Translationeering at its Finest

Plunet BusinessManager is an online, secure portal available to you 24/7. It is a single point of entry for our clients to submit all their translation requests. Plunet BusinessManager is a complete solution for the efficient management of translation projects and the professional operation of our agency.

Basic functions of Plunet include quote, request, and order management, as well as deadline, document and customer relationship management.

We achieve higher quality and shorten time-to-delivery by combining the skills of human translators with the functionalities of translation management systems.

Plunet BusinessManager provides:

  1. Centralized collection, processing, and delivery of translation files
    Submission of translation requests via a secure portal
  2. Fast and secure upload and download of translation files
  3. Automated quote calculation and quote approval by the client
  4. Clear and concise overview of quotes, orders, and project status
  5. Automated translation project creation with client-specific translation memories and term bases
  6. Automated delivery to customer via e-mail or download link (for voluminous files)
  7. Download files available for 12 months
LWT Communications also uses other translation management systems like XTRF. We can easily adapt to the translation management system of your choice.